Student life at iMLZS is dynamic, enchanting and filled with zest.

Student passions and interests are the driving force behind all student life programs from Kindergarten to Senior Secondary, and we encourage students to pursue all of their interests to the very highest level. We give students an unprecedented level of support in creating their own space and pursuing their own passions lead to projects that dazzle in their creativity and thoughtfulness.

Sustainable Development Goals

We imbibe SDG Integration which pioneers new ways of doing development that build UNDP’s and partners’ capabilities to navigate 21st century challenges, deliver change at scale and deal with the pace of uncertainty. We source local solutions, support experimentation and scaling, and inject approaches and methods such as systems design, sense-making, collective intelligence and solution mapping into development for innovative learning.

Co-Curricular Activities

Students are encouraged and supported to organize their own clubs, affinity groups, and initiatives. Students express their ideas and share their voices through student-led social action and service learning programs.
Students learn to explore new and exciting ideas, balance fresh passions with consistent pursuits.

Grade XII Toppers

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