Life @ IMLZS

Our school’s campus in Kalapatti resembles a home with city resources in a Natural setting,offering a beautiful rural environment with greenery, providing opportunities for our students to bring their curriculum to life by connecting classroom lessons to real world experiences .
‘Imlzs students approach every new day with joy, enthusiasm and reverence’.

Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE)

All of our classes in our Early Childhood program, children enter a warm, natural, beautiful environment, where a steady rhythm, seasonal festivals, meaningful work and play, singing, movement, and handwork encourage children’s connection to the world and their natural capacities to blossom.


Preparatory Level

Our Preparatory Level classrooms are designed to engage the vivid imaginative nature of the child where students learn with heartfelt joy and curiosity for the world around them.


Middle School

Designed to engage the tumultuous, questioning inner life of the young person, our middle school classrooms help students connect their experiences with their education and begin to develop analytic thinking


Secondary School

The high school classrooms are premeditated to take our students on a journey of world discovery and self-discovery, enabling them to encounter challenges, articulate questions, discover strengths, and find passions.

All Preparatory Level Middle School Secondary School