School Programs

The Pre-Primary School Program at Mount Litera Zee Schools comprises of Nursery, Lower and Upper Kindergarten (LKG and UKG). Early childhood education serves as the foundation for all future learning. It is the period of "learning to learn". The MLZS pre primary curriculum is delivered through the 'ILLUME' based approach based on the following premise.

  • Every child is unique.
  • Every child has infinite potential
  • Every child is born with an innate desire to learn
  • Every child learns best through observation
  • Every child learns and constructs her own knowledge in multiple ways.

The 'ILLUME' curriculum focuses on the developmental milestones in the areas of cognitive, language, creative, social and physical development.

The learning design leads a child to inquire and seek answers on her own.Questions become the order of the day causing thinking and Creativity thinking and creativity to be the norm.

The integrated method is holistic, child centerd with no compartmentalization of subjects.

It seeks to give a complete experience to the child within the child range of experiences and understanding.

This approach goes a long way towards shaping a wholesome and healthy personality and gets her prepared for primary school.

Learning happens best when it is connected to the real world we live in.

The main objective at this stage is preparing the learner's foundation and readying her to take on the responsibility of being an active participant in the learning process.

The Primary School Program focuses on the child's unique potential both inside and outside the classroom and is delivered using the Litera Octave Approach.

Teachers create all learning experiences covering a range of learning needs. By the time a child moves from the Primary School Program to the Middle School Program she will have 'learnt to learn'.

At this age children are in a stage of intellectual and social development and the learner begins to connect himself with the community in a larger sense.

An integrated package of teaching, learning and assessment is delivered through the Litera Octave approach, the child is directed towards independent learning and is guided to take on more responsibility.

The main objective of this stage is to help the children make connections, between the meaningful experiences in life and the courses of study.

The learner here is equipped with 'learning skills' and is ready to move on to the Secondary School Program.

The stage is set for the shape the future might take as a result of subject preferences and skills gained.

During this stage the main objective is to hone the knowledge and skills gained at the middle school.

The student at this stage is ready to make choices based on her liking, aptitude and skill.

The entry into the Higher Secondary Program is based on all these.

The student at this stage is ready to make choices based on her liking, aptitude and skill.

The entry into the Higher Secondary Program is based on all these.

The objective in the Higher Secondary is to offer students the opportunity to tailor their studies to their studies to their individual interests, abilities and future plans within the national curriculum framework.

The students are guided to choose subjects based on their interests and future plans, be it Commerce, Sciences, Arts, with the respective elective subjects of their stream.

By now the young adult is well aware of her inclinations and the student of Mount Litera chooses the College and subject of her interest, completing thejourney at the Alma Master.

At the end of 13 years at Mount Litera Zee School, the child will emerge as a well equipped adult with the requisite knowledge, life skills and values to lead in the 21st century.

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