Litera Octave

  It is possible. It has happened and is happening in MLZ schools across the country. And there is growing evidence of schools everywhere having the same results when they implement the Litera Octave curriculum.  

Litera Content

  • A perfect blend of technology with the physical options like worksheets, synopsis projects and activities.
  • Effective use of e-content to ensure the one-of-its kind ‘blended learning design’ approach followed by very few schools globally.

Litera Teacher

  • Rigorous and comprehensive hiring and training of teachers to keep them abreast with the best in-class learning methodologies.
  • Teachers udergo 360° asessment to ensure that child gets the best learning environment.

Litera Assessment

  • Finds what child is good at rather than whether he is good or not.
  • On a continuous basis and at child’s pace rather than through only periodic exams which lead to stressful situations.
  • Assessment patterns based on feedback from various stakeholders including parents.

Litera Parents

  • Parents become critical stakeholder in the entire learning process.
  • Parents are oriented through various workshops to be effective Litera Parents.

Litera Enrichment

  • Crucial element for child’s overall mental, emotional and physical health and well being.
  • Programs range from dance, music, sports to adventure trips and field visits.

Litera Life Skills

  • Skill based interactive programs to promote personal development of child.
  • Developmentally appropriate and collaborative learning based programs.

Litera Network

  • Networking among students, teachers and parents across the country.
  • Facilitates sharing of knowledge, ideas, views thereby adding enriched perspectives to the learning process.

Litera Infra

  • State of the art school design ensures positive and encouraging environment for learning inside and outside class.
  • Effective use of technology (e-mountlitera) to track student progress and connect all stakeholders in the student’s development – teachers, parents and students themselves.

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