Our Vision & Mission

The Ideal Mount Litera Zee School is an endeavor by the Essel Group to prepare leaders of the 21st century through its education arm, Zee Learn Limited.

Zee Learn Limited is an innovation leader in Indian Education since 1994. We introduced various firsts in the country ranging from ZED TV, Zed Career Academies, Kidzee Pre-schools, Mount Litera Zee Schools, Braincafe School Programs and Zee institutes of Media Art and Creative Art.

Brain science and human development research confirm that school years play a defining role in our 'sense of self' and our 'view of life'. To fulfill our vision of improving human Capital of India, it was imperative that we bring innovation in schooling. The Ideal Mount Litera Zee School has been our endeavour in this direction.

MISSION: To creat self - assured, life - long learners in a safe, jouful and stimulating environment where children learn and develop through guided exploration and open expression.

VISION: Emerging student to be the Leader of the 21st century with Knowledge, Life skills and Core values to be the citizen of the World / Globe.

CORE VALUE: Mantra - Doing "What's Right for the child" (WRFC)

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